Pet Training

So, you want to train your pet? Let's start with the basics, with the expansion of time of legends there are now what are called pet slots. If you are looking for a new pet to train you can always buy Ultima Online pets from UO King.


Each pet now has slots with a unique cap 1-5. This means, if you tame something and it is 3/5 slots then you have the ability to train it up 2 more slots. If you tame a pet that is 1/5 slots you will be able to train it up 4 slots.

Training Strategy #1 (bonded)

If you pet is bonded you can bring it to the crazy mages in the last level of shame. This will require lots of healing of your pet while it is attacked until you are able to set resists after the first slot training is complete. The upside is that this goes very quickly so you wont have to heal your pet for long. This is by far one of the fastest ways to train a pet right now.

Training Strategy #2 (bonded)

If you pet is bonded you can go to cu sidhe spawn in Ilsh, spirituality. This too will require lots of healing while you let a paragon cu sidhe fight it. This is not as fast as the crazy mages but is still really quick. After 35-50% training xp you will have to find a new target or kill the one you were using to trigger a new spawn.

Healing Training Strategy

Bring your pet to ledge where it will get deadly and lethal poisoned but not attacked. Let it heal itself until the healing skill is maxed out. A tip when doing this is to not buy chivalry or any healing skills/specs until the healing skill is done training.