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The Taming Archive: Dedicated to Ultima Online Taming Profession

Publish of January 9, 2002

Official Publish Information

Frost spiders can now be healed via veterinary skill instead of healing. I believe only imps need to be corrected (they can only be healed magically).

Non-faction players can no longer retame faction horses. Wasn't this supposed to be fixed last publish?

Previous owners of a pet will now be able to retame it with no skill. Great for non-tamers who forget to feed their horses.

Animal lore now correctly reports how many owners an animal has had. I believe this is supposed to correct the missing retame penalty. Pets that have "never been tamed" still report as never been tamed.

No longer possible to transfer a pet to a ghost. This was a problem? Not like you can command pets as a ghost...

An issue causing pets & hirelings to visually disappear when approaching a server boundary has been addressed. Variations on this bug seems to come and go. Nice to see it fixed again.

It will no longer be possible to stable a pet using the last object macro. Guess you wont be able to stable your loaded packhorse with this bug. Too bad.

You will no longer be able to tame dynamically spawned monsters. Wasn't this fixed a month ago? Guess this is to prevent this issue in the future.

Players that command their pets using context menus will appear as if they had spoken the command phrase(s). Not exactly sure what this is supposed to fix. While hidden or invisible, using the context menu had always (once it had hit a live shard anyway) caused the owner to be revealed just as though they had spoken the command. Using the context menu would also cause players to stop meditation if they were doing so.

Pack animals are now tamable via context menus. Guess I hadn't realized they weren't tamable via context menu. As if it had mattered previously, since most players (such as crafters) who used packies could not retame the beast if it went wild.

You will no longer have to pay upkeep to keep your pet refreshed while stabled. Confused as to what this is a fix for. You still have to pay to stable the pet (30 gp is a drop in the bucket). Guessing there must have been a bug where stablehands would steal an additional 30 gp weekly.

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