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The Taming Archive: Dedicated to Ultima Online Taming Profession

Publish of November 30, 2001

Official Publish Information

Lots of interesting changes this publish. Small change was made to pets when following. They will no longer stop following you if there are several pets following. Kinda nice when trying to move a heard of horses.

Context menus have been added. You can now command pets without speaking a word. Kinda convenient for commands you don't use every day. Using context menus to command pets will reveal you if you are invisible or hidden, just as if you had spoken the command out loud.

Animal lore has been "upgraded". It now gives more useful information. It gives 2 random pieces of information about the pet in addition to how happy it is. Random information is from the following: magery level, training level, number of owners, how it is used as a resource, and what it will eat. This also cuts down on the nasty "lore spam", since only the loyalty level appears over your character's head and the rest appears over the pet's head. Pets tamed prior to this publish say they have never been tamed before.

Tamed creatures no longer get a difficulty bonus for each time it has been tamed. Also, previous owners of a pet can no longer retame it at 0 difficulty. It is unknown at this time if these are intended changes or not.

Ki-rins and unicorns now eat fruit instead of meat. Ki-rins and unicorns tamed prior to this publish will still eat meat. Players had complained about these creatures eating meat throughout beta, and they waited until now to change it? Yesh, squeaky wheel gets the oil I suppose.

Faction horses can now only be tamed, controlled, or owned by faction members of the appropriate faction. Supposedly, melee damage on the faction horses has been significantly lowered. How much it has been lowered is unknown.

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