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The Taming Archive: Dedicated to Ultima Online Taming Profession

Publish of July 8, 2000

Official Publish Information

Veterinary gains have been adjusted. Since the release of burst hour (3/8/00), veterinarians have seen very little gains. This was finally corrected. Gains seem to be very similar to healing in that they are random. Movement and different targets are no longer required.

Animal lore now goes up passively while veterinary healing. The rate at which it goes up seems to be about the same rate at which anatomy goes up for healing.

All nightmare surface spawns have been removed. They have now been moved to the bottom of Terathan Keep in the "War Zone". There is now only one spawn per facet.

Boats are no longer placeable inside dungeons. So I guess that means no more boat taming in Destard/Covetous.

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