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Virtue of Valor

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The courage to take actions in support of one's convictions.

To progress along the path of valor, you simply kill monsters from a champion spawn. Valor can be gained in Ilshenar and Felucca areas. Stronger monsters give more valor points than weaker ones.

Valor Numbers
Path/Title Total Points Required for the Path Points Per Dot Dots Per 4th Level Spawn
1st - Seeker of Valor 400 40 .8
2nd - Follower of Valor 600 60 .53
3rd - Knight of Valor 1000 100 .32
The 1st level champion spawn gives 4 points, 2nd level gives 8 points, 3rd level gives 16 points, and 4th level gives 32 points per monster. (1st level is confirmed, 2nd-4th level point values guesstimated)

Once you become a seeker of valor, you can sacrifice your valor points to advance the champion spawn with a "virtuous challenge". The closer you are to summoning the champ, the more valor you will need to advance the spawn and more valor points will be sacrificed in doing so. Once knight of valor has been achieved, an inactive champion spawn can be started through a virtuous challenge.

A virtuous challenge is made by double clicking on the valor icon of your virtue wheel and targeting the large grey skull on the champion's altar. The altar can only receive a virtuous challenge once per "session" (ie. if Joe challenges Semidar's altar, Bob can't challenge nor can Joe challenge it again it until the spawn is restarted).

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