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Virtue of Sacrifice

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The courage to give of oneself in the name of love.

To progress along the path of sacrifice, one "sacrifices" their fame to give to certain monsters to end their eternal torment. To do so, you double click the tear drop symbol in the virtue gump (the 6 pointed star at the top of your paperdoll) and target the monster. The monster will say that it had seen the error of its ways and vanishes after a few seconds, while dropping your current fame to zero. Sacrificing fame can only be done once per 24 hour period. The following creatures can be set free through sacrifice:

Sacrifice Numbers
Path/Title Total Points Required for the Path Points Per Dot Dots Per Lady/Lord
1st - Seeker of Sacrifice 400 40 5
2nd - Follower of Sacrifice 600 60 3.3
3rd - Knight of Sacrifice 1000 100 2
5th level fame (lord/lady) is worth 200 points, 4th level fame is worth 100 points, 3rd level fame is worth 50 points

For each path you achieve, you can self resurrect yourself one time (a Knight of Sacrifice can resurrect 3 times per week). To resurrect yourself, you simply double click on the tear drop symbol in your virtue gump and you will be asked if you would like to resurrect now. When you resurrect, you have 1 health and 1 mana, just like normal resurrection, except you will have all of the contents of your corpse in your pack. If anything was looted while you were a ghost, you will not have those items in your pack.

During your weekly decay, your ability to resurrect yourself will be reset. If you used up all of 3 of your sacrifice resurrections on a friday and your weekly reset/decay is on saturday, you will have 3 sacrifice resurrections available on saturday. You do not accumulate your resurrection abilities if you do not use them up every week.

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