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Players are encouraged to become more "virtuous" by receiving small, but very valuable rewards in return. Each virtue has its own method of progressing along its path, as well as its own unique reward. On your paperdoll, a 6-pointed star within a circle represents the virtue wheel. When double clicked, it will show you how far along you have progressed in each virtue. Murderers cannot raise virtues.

The Virtues
Virtue Symbol Color Reward
Compassion Heart Yellow Resurrect others with more health
Honesty Open Hand Blue ??
Honor Chalice Purple ??
Humility Shephard's Crook Black ??
Justice Set of Scales Green Receive a duplicate power scroll via protection
Sacrifice Tear Drop Orange Self resurrection
Spirituality Ankh White ??
Valor Sword Red Advance a champion spawn

The virtue's status scroll has 10 red dots to represent your progress along that path. As you raise that virtue, the red dots will turn blue. Once all 10 dots have turned blue, you will have completed that path. There are 3 paths, with each path becoming progressively harder to achieve, but with significantly better rewards.

Virtue Numbers
Path/Title Total Points Required for the Path Points Per Dot
1st - Seeker of ______ 400 40
2nd - Follower of ______ 600 60
3rd - Knight of ______ 1000 100

Once your characer achieves the 3rd path of all 8 virtues, it will receive the title "virtuous", which will appear on the character's paperdoll (ie. The Virtuous Reena Dae, Grandmaster Ranger). The individual virtue titles only show up while looking at the character's virtue wheel. Anyone can view anyone elses virtue wheels, seeing what paths have been completed, but not how far along they are in that path.

Once a week, your virtue abilities abilities (if applicable) will be reset and you will loose 50 points in that virtue. If you achieve your first path in a virtue on a thursday, your abilities will be reset every thursday. You will never fall below one point until reaching the 1st path. The first path requires 400 "points" and you will never fall below 399 points, even if you no longer pursue the path of that virtue. You can "overfill" your sacrifice points so that you do not loose a path during your weekly decay, similar to having enough fame to die a few times and not loose a lord or lady title. There is a cap on how many points one can have in each virtue.

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