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Virtue of Compassion

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Compassion is nonjudgmental empathy for one's fellow creatures.

To progress along the path of compassion, one escorts NPC's to their desired destination. You can only receive compassion points for 5 NPC's per 24 hour period. Prisoner escorts give more compassion points than normal escorts. Haven escorts do not give any compassion points. When you escort your 5th NPC for the day, you will be informed that "you must wait about a day before you can gain in compassion again". Unfortunately, there is currently no way to know when a real world day has passed, except if you were to try escorting again.

Compassion Numbers
Path/Title Total Points Required for the Path Points Per Dot Dots Per Prisoner Health Percentage
1st - Seeker of Compassion 400 40 1 20%
2nd - Follower of Compassion 600 60 .66 40%
3rd - Knight of Compassion 1000 100 .4 80%
A prisoner escort is worth 40 points, a normal escort is worth 20 points

For each path you achieve, you will be able to resurrect someone with more health than normal. If you were a Knight of Compassion (3rd path), when you resurrected another player, they would have 80% of their total health instead of only a few HP. There is no limit as to how often you can resurrect someone with this bonus. Both mages and healers are able to make use of this virtue when resurrecting.

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