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The Taming Archive: Dedicated to Ultima Online Taming Profession

Internal Macros: Macros.txt

There are times when editing your macros.txt is more efficient than using the UO client. I like to use similar macros between all my characters, but creating as well as editing them with the client can be a bit tedious. If you feel that the client is too slow to use while creating/editing macros, you may wish to explore your macros.txt file.

The macros.txt file is found in your UO directory. That file is your "global" macro file. If you were to create a new character, it would copy that file and store it in your character's folder. Each character gets their own folder (found in Desktop/account_name/shard_name in the UO directory). These folders, named after your characters, hold your desktop, skill group, uo.cfg, as well as individual macros for that character. If you need to edit a specific character's macros, you would need to go into their folder, since they no longer access the global macro file. Default macros are found in default.mac and are only used when you press "reset".

I strongly recommend only using notepad to edit your macros.txt. This should be the default program for editing txt files. If its not, you can open notepad and go find the macro file you wish to edit.

The text below highlighted in blue is one complete macro. It will always start with either the letter/number keystroke or F1-F12, followed by 3 numbers that are always either 1 or 0. The following line(s) contain information about the macro, such as whether its a skill, spell, or various other options. The last line of the macro is always 8 pound (#) signs. The following is a sample of the older macros.txt formatting.

X 1 0 0
A 1 0 0
UseSkill Animal Taming
A 0 1 0
UseSkill Animal Taming
R 1 0 0
CastSpell Recall
Emote blows a kiss
Say Farewell
G 1 0 0
CastSpell Gate Travel
Say Get in before it turns into a pumpkin!

For some reason, the macros.txt format was changed. The above format will still work correctly and will be converted to the following format if you alter your macros via client. Note that there is one space following each character (including spaces) and a "+" (plus) sign in front of each line of the macro not including the keystroke or macro ending line.

A 0 1 0
+U s e S k i l l   A n i m a l   T a m i n g 
+W a i t F o r T a r g   
+L a s t T a r g e t   

You can mix and match the macro formatting style for easier editing, the client doesn't seem too picky about it. It will change the older formatting style to match the new one.

F5 0 0 0
+S a y   P e r l a   s t a y 
Say Zephyr stay 

So what the heck are the 1's and 0's doing there? Those are for the control, shift, and alt keys.

A 0 0 0 Keystroke A
A 1 0 0 Keystroke Ctrl + A
A 0 1 0 Keystroke Alt + A
A 0 0 1 Keystroke Shift + A
A 1 1 0 Keystroke Ctrl + Alt + A
A 0 1 1 Keystroke Alt + Shift + A
A 1 0 1 Keystroke Ctrl + Shift + A
A 1 1 1 Keystroke Ctrl + Alt + Shift + A

Macro Options and Information
Hard Coded Macros
Note: These macros are hard coded into the client. You can assign an additional keystrokes to most of them, but some cannot be changed..
Macro Name Keystroke Function
War Mode Tab Toggles in and out of war mode
Repeat Last Ctrl + Q Repeats your last spoken phrase
Cancel Esc Cancels your target cursor
Delete Group Delete Deletes an empty skill group on your skill chart
Face/Walk Northwest Up Arrow Makes your character face or walk northwest
Face/Walk Northeast Right Arrow Makes your character face or walk northeast
Face/Walk Southeast Down Arrow Makes your character face or walk southeast
Face/Walk Southwest Left Arrow Makes your character face or walk southwest
Editable Macros
Note: Each of these macros can be used alone or with several others. You can say various things while casting spells or using skills (this is the most common use of multiple macro commands on the same keystroke).
Note: If you set 2 or more different macros to the same keystroke, it ignores all of them but the very first one in your macro.txt. Also, if you use an external macro program (such as UOAssist), it will override any macros in your macro.txt that share the same keystroke.
Macro Name Options Function
Say Text Field Says the text contained in the text field
Emote Text Field Emotes the text contained in the text field
Whisper Text Field Whispers the text contained in the text field
Yell Text Field Yells the text contained in the text field
Walk NW (top)
N (top right)
NE (right)
E (bottom right)
SE (bottom)
S (bottom left)
SW (left)
W (top left)
Causes you to walk in a specific direction.
War/Peace -- Toggles between war and peace mode.
Paste -- Pastes any text you might have copied from another document
Open Gumps (see notes below) This opens a gump
Close Gumps (see notes below) This closes a gump
Minimize Gumps (see notes below) This minimizes a gump
Maximize Gumps (see notes below) This maximizes a gump
OpenDoor -- Opens the nearest door
UseSkill See note below Uses the skill being called by the macro
LastSkill -- Uses the last skill you accessed via skill listing with the blue sphere.
CastSpell See note below Casts the spell being called by the macro
LastSpell -- Casts the last spell you casted directly out of your spell book
LastObject -- Uses the last object you used (such as corpses, packs, scissors)
Bow -- Makes your character bow. Default setting is Ctrl + B
Salute -- Makes your character salute. Default setting is Ctrl + S
QuitGame -- Quits the UO client. Default setting is Alt + Q
AllNames -- Shows the names of every NPC, Player, monster, animal and corpse on your screen. When shown, it is just like single clicking on them, thus showing if they are criminal, murderer, guild ally/enemy.
LastTarget -- Targets the last item you targeted with a target cursor. If you were to manually target yourself, you would not be counted as the last target.
TargetSelf -- Targets yourself
Arm/Disarm LeftHand
Arms the last item you had in your right/left hand or disarms whatever is currently in your right/left hand.
WaitForTarg -- Makes the client wait until a target cursor is brought up before executing the next command.
TargetNext -- This macro rotates between various targets around you (including yourself) and stores it as your last target.
AttackLast -- Melee attacks whatever you attacked last.
Delay Text Field Delay of 700 equals 7 seconds
CircleTrans -- When on, the circle of transparency will remove any walls, trees, or stalagmites that may be blocking your view of hidden items.
CloseGumps -- Closes all open gumps
AlwaysRun -- Toggles your alwaysrun off/on. By default, this is off unless you checkmarked it on manually.
SaveDesktop -- Saves your current desktop settings for your current character (in case the client does not shut down properly)
KillGumpOpen -- This stops your gumps from opening when you login. Most commonly, backpacks would be opening during login if you had them open when you logged out.
WresDisarm -- This macro is required to use the wrestling disarm move. You must have 80 wrestling and 80 arms lore to attempt this maneuver.
WresStun -- This macro is required to use the wrestling stun move. You must have 80 wrestling and 80 anatomy to attempt this maneuver.
Gumps are your menus, packs, option menus, anything thats 2 dimensional. Gumps that can be opened via macro: Configuration, Paperdoll, Status, Journal, Skills, Spellbook, Chat, Backpack, Overview, Mail, PartyManifest, PartyChat.
Spoken text must not exceed 3 lines. You can say 3 separate 1 line phrases, or a single 3 line phrase. Also, words of power from spells count as a single line.
All spells are accessible via macro. When found in macro.txt, they always have the first letter of each word capitalized with a space between each word if the spell name has multiple words, such as Gate Travel, Energy Bolt, or Recall.
Only skills with a blue sphere next to their name in the skill listings can be accessed via macro. When found in the macro.txt, they always have the first letter of each word capitalized with a space between each word if the skill name has multiple words, such as Evaluating Intelligence, Detect Hidden, or Provocation.
3rd Dawn Only Macros
These macros are only available to the 3D client.
Macro Name Keystroke Function

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