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Evaluate Intelligence

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Evaluate Intelligence can be used to get a rough idea of how much intelligence a particular creature or player has, up to 100. If you have 76.0 eval int, you can tell the percentage (to the nearest 10th) of mana the target has.

Interpreting Evaluate Intelligence Messages
Message Intelligence Range
It looks smarter than a rock, but dumber than a piece of wood --
Slightly less intelligent than a rock 1-9
Fairly Stupid 10-19
Not the brightest 20-29
About Average 30-39
Moderately intelligent 40-49
Very intelligent 50-59
Extremely intelligent 60-69
Extraordinarily intelligent 70-79
Like a formidable intellect, well beyond even the extraordinary 80-89
Like a definite genius 90-99
Superhumanly intelligent in a manner you cannot comprehend 100+

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