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Anatomy can be used to get a rough idea of how much strength and dexterity a particular creature or player has, up to 100. If you have 65.0 anatomy, you can tell the percentage (to the nearest 10th) of stamina the target has.

Interpreting Anatomy Messages
Dexterity Strength Stats
Like they barely manage to stay standing Like they would have trouble lifting small objects 0-9
Very clumsy Rather Feeble 10-19
Somewhat uncoordinated Somewhat weak 20-29
Moderately dextrous To be of normal strength 30-39
Somewhat agile Somewhat strong 40-49
Very agile Very strong 50-59
Extremely agile Extremely strong 60-69
Extraordinarily agile Extraordinarily strong 70-79
Moves like quicksilver Strong as an ox 80-89
One of the fastest people you have ever seen One of the strongest people you have ever seen 90-99
Superhumanly agile Superhumanly strong 100+

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