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The Taming Archive: Dedicated to Ultima Online Taming Profession

Choosing Skills to Complement Taming

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It is such a tough choice, picking skills necessary to complement taming. Skills you choose will depend on your play style. Any skills you choose are just as good as the next. Just because I do not list a skill here does not mean that you can't use it with taming! I just listed the ones that were the most popular. I have long since stopped believing in "templates" so please don't ask what template works the best.

Animal Lore

The most important skill to have to complement taming is animal lore. It allows you to see stats, skill levels, loyalty rating, preferred food, and any special abilities of the targeted pet. At 99.9 or below, you can only see tamed creature's skill levels. At 100+, you can see any wild or tamed tameable's skills. At 110+, you can see any tameable or non-tameable creature's skills. This skill is required in order to control your pets. It also acts like anatomy for veterinary. Also, this skill is checked when you attempt to stable your pets.


Vet is a wonderful way to heal your pets, regardless of the other skills you chose. Bandages are a cheap way to heal your pet, instead of spending expensive regs and precious mana. Grandmaster veterinary and lore heals more damage on average than grandmaster magery. You will need 60.1 veterinary and animal lore cure a pet, and 80.1 veterinary and animal lore to resurrect a bonded pet. Like animal lore, this skill is checked when you attempt to stable your pets.


The most important use for magery to a tamer is the gate travel and summon creature spells. A bonded pet may travel with its owner when they recall, or can be "summoned" with the summon creature spell. However, a newly tamed creature must wait 1 week before it can bond, and still requires the gate spell to travel about with its owner. Magery is required to make a tamer self sufficient when traveling with a pet to such regions as titan valley. There are also many dungeons where pets cannot follow you up and down stairs due to the layout of the levels. Some flying pets tend to fly on roofs. The gate spell is very useful to avoid these problems.


This skill is useless without magery. Ideal for tamers who rely primarily for magery as a source of healing for pets or use magic offensively, as it causes mana to regenerate at a faster rate, both actively and passively.

Evaluate Intelligence

This skill is pretty much only useful for mage/tamers. For magic casting, this skill gives a damage bonus to offensive spells. At roughly 75 eval, you can tell the percentage of mana that a target has left. You can also tell approximately how much intelligence they have (from 0-100). This skill will count as 50% wrestling (100.0 eval gives you the same evasion rate as someone with 50.0 wrestling).


Wrestling is used to evade physical attacks while your hands are empty and does very little real damage in return. Tactics will add damage bonus to your wrestling, but diddly squat times 2 is still diddly squat. This skill can be a pain when attempting to tame an aggressive creature, since you may punch it and disrupt the taming attempt. However, it can be helpful while adventuring, since monsters may target you instead of your pet.

Weapon Skills: Fencing, Swordsmanship, Maces, or Archery

This skill determines your accuracy in a particular weapon proficiency. The higher the skill, the more accurately you can hit a target. This skill is popular for killing tames. To be truly effective, you will need the tactics skill.


This skill determines how much damage you will deal when you hit them with a weapon or your fists. The higher the skill, the more damage you will deal. This skill is worthless without a weapon skill or wrestling.


This skill is required to use any of the bardic skills (peacemaking, provoking, or discord). When using any of the 3 bardic skills, a check is first done against musicianship. If the check on musicianship is successful, then it does a check on the skill you are using.


This skill is used to make all fighting targets loose their current target, or forces one particular target to remain "peaceful" for a short period of time as long as you stay within line of sight of the target. It requires a successful check against musicianship in order to have a chance of stopping the battle. This can be useful for stopping a newly tamed aggressive creature from attacking you. Target based peacemaking can be used at the same time as you are attempting to tame a creature. Target based peacemaking will also stop a target from defending itself while your pet attacks it.


This skill is used to make one target attack another target as long as you stay within line of sight of both targets. It requires a successful check against musicianship in order to have a chance of provoking. This can be useful for killing off tames or making monsters target your pets instead of yourself.


This skill is used to lower a particular target's stats by a percentage. It requires a successful check against musicianship in order to have a chance of effecting the target with discord. Can be helpful when taking on monsters that are much stronger than your pet. At GM, it lowers the target's stats by 20%.

Not that with AoS this skill has changed. Still researching exactly what has changed at this time.


This skill will give you a damage bonus with your weapon proficiency or complement healing. At roughly 75 anatomy, you can tell what percentage of stamina a target has left. You can also tell aproximately how much dexterity and strength a target has (from 0-100). This skill will count as 50% wrestling (100.0 anatomy gives you the same evasion rate as someone with 50.0 wrestling).


This skill is useful for healing human players. You will need 60.1 healing and anatomy to cure poison, and 80.1 healing and anatomy to resurrect other players.


This skill increases the regeneration rate of stamina, and to a lesser degree, mana. This skill best complements warriors, but could also benefit a mage based skill-set that also has meditation.

Magic Resistance

This skill determines how well you can resist certain duration based spells. This skill can either lessen the effect of the spell or shorten its duration. Spells that can be resisted are: Clumsy, Mana Drain, Paralyze Field, Weaken, Curse, Mana Vampire, Poison, Feeblemind, Paralyze, Poison Field. The following necromancy spells can also be resisted: Blood Oath, Mind Rot, Corpse Skin, Pain Spike.


This skill will allow you to stay hidden for an indefinite amount of time. You will be unable to hide if you are being targeted by anything. If you break the line of sight of whatever is targeting you, you should be able to hide. This skill is similar to the invisibility spell, but it does not consume mana and it does not "wear off". The more skilled you are in hiding, the more likely you are to succeed in hiding, since it is not difficulty based. You would need 80 hiding if you intended on taking stealth.


Killing tames can provide access to a nearly endless supply of hides, which tailors can thrive on. Personally, I see taming as an adventuring skill. Putting tailoring on a tamer is like putting tailoring on a mage. I recommend bringing hides back to a crafter for them to tailor, or offer to save the hides for any friends of yours that might be a tailor.


This skill only works on wild creatures or tame ones owned by you. It tells them to go to a specific location when a shephard's crook is used on them, and there is no skill delay.

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